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Off-Campus Services

The Office of Student Conduct & Off-Campus Services strives to uphold the standards created by the
College and Ewing community. Additionally, the office is a resource and a support service for all

Mission and Vision:

Off-Campus Services is dedicated to support the needs of off campus students. We offer a variety of
resources, plan events, and find ways to keep students who live off campus connected to campus.
Additionally, we aim to connect TCNJ and the Ewing community.

We accomplish this by:

  • Encourage students to become knowledgeable and responsible tenants
  • Assist students in gaining the proficiency to solve problems when landlord and roommate
    difficulties arise
  • Develop student awareness of community values and responsibilities
  • Create valuable partnerships with community stakeholders
  • Organize events, activities, and leadership opportunities for students living off-campus

Be a Good Neighbor!

Living off campus offers the opportunity to belong to a larger and diverse community than you might
experience within the residence halls. When you move off campus, you will automatically acquire the
responsibility to be a good neighbor and community member. Keep in mind that you live in a community
comprising of professional people, families with children, and elderly people.
We encourage you to get to know your neighbors-who knows, maybe one day you will need their help.
Remember, you are responsible for your guests’ actions. If your guests cause a problem, the problems
will ultimately become yours.

Is the Student Conduct Code applicable off-campus?

Yes! Jurisdiction of the Student Code Conduct extends to alleged misconduct that occurs off campus.

Off-Campus Rental Packet

Roommate Resources

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Helpful Off-Campus Resources

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Student Conduct and Off-Campus Services
Brower Student Center, Room 220
The College of New Jersey
P.O. Box 7718
2000 Pennington Rd.
Ewing, NJ 08628

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