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In line with the missions of the College and Division of Student Affairs, The Office of Student Conduct & Off Campus Services strives to uphold the standards created by the College community. Providing an educational conduct process as well as promoting good relations with the greater Ewing community.


It is essential to the success of our program that we routinely assess our programs and services. We welcome feedback regarding your interaction(s) with our office.

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Core Beliefs:

1. The physical and mental safety of ourselves and others is the College’s highest priority and takes precedence over the conduct process.
2. It is expected that members of our community will seek assistance for self and others when health or safety is at risk.
3. In order for the conduct or dispute resolution processes to be effective it is essential for all individuals to participate ethically and honestly while making a good faith effort to understand and address the behavior that brought them to our office.
4. Creating and maintaining an equitable and inclusive program which promotes mutual respect is the responsibility of all individuals engaged with or administering the process.

Learning Outcomes:

We believe that by interacting with our office students will:
- understand and appreciate the importance of accountability for one’s personal growth and healthy decision making;
- recognize that making mistakes is part of life, but also that conducting oneself with personal integrity and in a honest manner is essential to changing behavior.
- think more critically to successfully navigate challenging situations; and
- engage in responsible social conduct where respect for the health and safety of oneself and others is paramount.